Jinbo Overview

Shanxi Jinbo Bio-Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd was established in March, 2008, and it was listed on National Equities Exchange and Quotations(NEEQ) on 24th, July, 2015. Stock code: 832982

Jinbo is a technological and scientific innovation enterprise. Our study fields mainly involve structural biology, protein application engineering technology, fermentation engineering technology. Based on these technologies, we conduct production and promotion of biological materials, medical terminal products and functional skin care products. Our primary business is studying, producing and selling functional protein as well as functional protein derived products. After decades of hard work, we have formed a business system with a full industrial chain that focuses on anhydride bovine beta-lactoglobulin and Ⅲ type recombinant human collagen, from raw material to medical terminal products and functional skin care products. In different application scenarios such as gynecology, dermatology, surgery, anorectal medicine, skin care, we covers the demand for products for disease prevention and treatment, health care, skin care.

Jinbo attaches great importance to technological innovation and R&D. Gathered a pool of veteran experts and professional personnel, Jinbo have an in-depth industry-university-research cooperation relationship with Fudan University, Tsinghua University, Institute of Biophysics in Chinese Academy of Science and Sichuan University. In 2018, our technical center was reviewed as Provincial Technology Center.  

Until now, Jinbo has applied for 34 items of national invention patents and 2 items of international patents. And it has attained 25 issued patents, 22 of which are invention patents. In addition, the structure of functional protein has been analyzed at atomic level and it has been included in Protein Data Base(PDB). (Retrieval Number: 6A0A, 6A0C, 6JKL and 6JEC).

Jinbo dedicates to R&D and industrialization of functional protein. So far, a part of our mature basic research results have been put into industrialization. We already developed multiple functional protein products. In May, 2018, Jinbo singed III Type Human Collagen Industrial Technical Modification Project Agreement and Supplemental Agreement with Shanxi Transformation and Comprehensive Refrom Demonstration Zone Management Committee to build Jinbo’s functional protein industrial park. 

Medical Products

Developed jointly by R&D team of Fudan University and Jinbo

What we guarantee: No cytotoxicity, NOT entering into blood circulation

Medical Beauty Products

 Material: medical type collagen

 Assist in repairing skin after physiotherapy, protect facial skin barrier

Skin Care Products

Material:  Ⅲ type collagen and polypeptide
we dedicate to daily skin care and guarantee our products are safe and make their function into effect.

Disinfection Products

Material: Recombinant human collagen

Effectively repair and nourish mucosa and inhibit bacteria


Contact Us

18th,  Jinbo St., Taiyuan Tanghuaiyuan-Zone, Shanxi Transformation and Comprehensive
Reform Demonstration Zone, China. 
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